Lab Testing
Doctor Bentley

Easily Order Laboratory Tests Online

We make it easy to order any lab test with just a few clicks on your smart phone or laptop. You are not required to see a doctor to have labs ordered. We partnered with labs located across the country.

  • No surprise billing at an affordable rate.
  • Discrete and private access to test results securely within 2-5 days.
  • Discuss results with us and get prescribed treatment if indicated.

How do I get my test results?

The test results will be available the same day our office receives the results from the lab. We will contact you to discuss any treatment options or answer any further questions.

Can I pay with insurance?

You can pay for a lab test with your insurance. Just select the insurance option, pay our virtual visit fee and our doctors will order the labs for you.

Which STD lab test should I choose?

If you know the specific sexually transmitted disease you have been exposed to, just select the infection as the option for testing. If unknown, we have a 5-test complete panel that tests for a combination of the most common STDs.


Work Process

How It Works


select one or more test(s) to begin consultation

Get blood drawn at nearby lab

View results securely online within 2-5 days